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Tracking Microsoft Access Code Changes in GitHub; And Searches with Visual Studio

Posted by robkraft on December 27, 2020

I will admit up front that this approach is not as awesome as the post title may make it sound, but I do find it to be very useful and fairly simple, just a little tedious.

As a consultant, I occasionally get the Access database project that needs some fixes. Of course we can often easily make copies of the .mdb or .accdb files regularly, but as a programmer I want more. I want to be able to see the history of my code changes over time so that I can identify where changes had unintended consequences. I do this by exporting all of the source code out of the Microsoft Access database into flat files, then importing the flat files into a git repo. I have a bit of code below that I use for this, which I found elsewhere on the Internet and modified a little.

I create a new module and place the code below in that module. Then I execute the subroutine. Following that I import or update the files in my git repo. The approach works well but the export does not include macros, and it does not include properties and events on forms and reports, nor table structures. Still, I have found it useful. I also use this approach to pull up all the files I exported in Microsoft Visual Studio which has search tools I like better than those built into the Access database.

I run the code below about once per day to track the latest changes I made, then apply the updates to the git repo.

Public Sub ExportAllCode()

    Dim c As Variant
    Dim Sfx As String

    For Each c In Application.VBE.VBProjects(1).VBComponents
        Select Case c.Type
            Case 2 'vbext_ct_ClassModule, vbext_ct_Document
                Sfx = ".cls"
            Case 100 'vbext_ct_MSForm
                Sfx = ".frm"
            Case 1 'vbext_ct_StdModule
                Sfx = ".bas"
            Case Else
                Sfx = ""
        End Select

        If Sfx <> "" Then
            c.Export _
                FileName:=CurrentProject.Path & "\" & _
                c.Name & Sfx
        End If
    Next c

End Sub

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