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Archive for March, 2012 provides a nice set of free tools for analyzing your web sites

Posted by robkraft on March 23, 2012

I just discovered the free web site analysis and testing tools available from I recommend you check them out at if you are looking for any of the following:

  • How fast is your site across two different browsers?
  • How fast is your site compared to other sites?
  • How well does your site render on different mobile devices?
  • How well does your site perform under a heavier load/lots of users?
  • How good does your site look on mobile browsers?
  • How fast is your site on mobile devices?

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Subversion 1.7 provides a big performance boost!

Posted by robkraft on March 4, 2012

Last week we decided to install the latest version of subversion just to see if it fixed any minor bugs or could speed up performance a little. I’m thrilled to report that it improved performance by a lot, not a little! We can pull data out of the repository three times faster than before, and checkins and all other features of subversion are much faster. Subversion got a major redesign and refactor in release 1.7 that greatly affects performance on Windows. If you are using subversion on Windows, go out and get this great upgrade as soon as possible.

We use the subversion from Collabnet, and they provide a video and other great information free about the changes in subversion that have made it so much better.

Another important action item to take away from this is that all software development shops should examine upgrading all of their tools regularly to the latest release and service pack. Software developers know these upgrades can fix bugs, fix security flaws, offer new features, and, as in this case, provide large performance improvements. Make a list of all of your tools and then make a task to consider upgrading each tool at least once a year.

A big thank you to the team that contributes to subversion at Collabnet!

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