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Increase your productivity with Chrome 10

Posted by robkraft on March 9, 2011

I’ll confess that I prefer to use tools from Microsoft for most of my daily activities.  This is not because I drank the Microsoft kool-aid, but rather because I make a living solving problems using Microsoft technologies and it helps that I know them so well.

With Chrome 10 I have decided I can no longer wait for Microsoft to release a faster browser (IE9).  I have started using Chrome 10 for all my browsing because it is just so much faster than IE8.  I never would have guessed that the client-side browser contributed so much to my Internet surfing speed.  I always just assumed that most of the delay was due to the network traffic.  But Chrome 10 proves that wrong.  Chrome 10 renders everything five times faster than IE8 (confession – it feels 5 times faster, but it is really probably just twice as fast).  The speed difference is noticeable enough for me to realize that I am wasting my time running IE.

I took a look at Chrome 10 after reading this article.

The author ran some performance numbers and shows that Chrome 10 is already faster than IE9; and Chrome 10 runs on Windows XP (which I still have to run at one of my client sites).

I highly encourage everyone to take a few minutes to install Chrome 10 and decide for yourself if it isn’t time to start browsing quickly, instead of waiting for Microsoft to release a faster browser that will be slower than Chrome.

Warning:  I doubt that Chrome 10 is as secure as Internet Explorer 9 (or even IE8), but it is certainly the browser you will prefer to use for much of your surfing where speed is more valuable than security.


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