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Git for Microsoft Access Databases

Posted by robkraft on May 21, 2021

I wrote about this project previously (Track Changes to Access Form Properties in Source Control (Github) « Rob Kraft’s Software Development Blog), but am happy to share a more complete solution. If you would like to have Source Code Control such as Git or Subversion or TFS to track all the changes to a Microsoft Access database, the code in the github repo mentioned below has the code you need. This code is free for you to use in any respect (MIT license). Just copy the code into a module in your Microsoft Access database, run it, and it will export everything.

By everything, I mean it will export the following information from your Microsoft Access database into files:

  • Code behind Forms
  • Code behind Reports
  • Code in Modules
  • Code in Classes
  • Properties of Forms
  • Macros
  • Properties of Reports
  • Table Definitions
  • Queries
  • Database Option Values
  • Database Property Values

You can get the latest version of this code

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