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Programmatically Invoke Microsoft Access SpellChecker using VBA – acCmdSpelling

Posted by robkraft on February 25, 2021

Microsoft Access has a built-in ability to run a spellcheck on your controls. It works best to call the VBA code to perform the spellcheck from the Exit method of the controls. I recommend calling DoCmd.SetWarnings to False prior to running the spellcheck because this will suppress “The spelling check is complete” message box from showing if there are not spelling errors in the control.

Private Sub Text5_Exit(Cancel As Integer)
    MySpellCheck Me!Text5
End Sub

Private Sub Text8_Exit(Cancel As Integer)
    MySpellCheck Me!Text8
End Sub

Private Sub MySpellCheck(ctl As Control)
    DoCmd.SetWarnings False
    With ctl
        If Len(.Value) > 0 Then
            .SelStart = 1
            .SelLength = Len(.Value)
            DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSpelling
            .SelLength = 0
        End If
    End With
    DoCmd.SetWarnings True
End Sub

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