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My Least Favorite New Feature in SQL Server 2014 – No CTRL+E

Posted by robkraft on April 4, 2014

Since as long as I can remember, perhaps back to SQL Server 6.5, I’ve been using CTRL+E to “execute” queries inside SQL Server Management Studio.  I knew that Microsoft warned they were going to eliminate that keystroke, and they finally have in SQL Server 2014.  Now the only keystroke for running queries appears to be F5.  I consider this a productivity setback because to hit F5, I have to lift my palm off of its resting position by the keyboard, then relocate my fingers back on the keyboard correctly to continue typing.  I did not need to do this when using CTRL+E.

Is it possible to complain enough to get a response from Microsoft?  I’m not asking for CTRL+E to come back, but I would like a key combination that does not require me to take my hands of the keyboard to use it.  I like running queries!

One Response to “My Least Favorite New Feature in SQL Server 2014 – No CTRL+E”

  1. Cory Albert said

    You can make this change by going to Tools->Options, Environment->Keyboard. Put “Query.Execute” in the “Show commands containing:” textbox. You can then change the shortcut to Ctrl-E from F5.

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