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A Junior Developer’s Perception of Code Complete.

Posted by robkraft on September 4, 2011

Junior developers often think they have successfully completed coding a feature when they test the feature and it works for them.  Experienced developers are not so quick to consider their task complete.  Experienced developers are aware that a working feature specifically means that it works on their development platform, but before the feature is truly done, more aspects should be evaluated.

  • Does it work on other platforms? (Both 32 and 64 bit Operating Systems?, Multiple OS versions such as both Windows XP and Windows 7, multiple browsers such as IE9, IE8, FireFox 4, and Chrome)
  • Is the code secure, does it open risks for SQL Injection, XSS, or other attacks?
  • Does the code perform well under all expected conditions, such as when there is a lot more data in the database or multiple users?
  • Does the source code follow the patterns of the other source code in the project/development shop?
  • Does the source code pass StyleCop and FXCop tests?
  • Does the code have unit tests covering it adequately and do those tests all pass?
  • Is the code easy to maintain, support, and enhance?
  • Finally, most importantly, does the code do what the customer wants?

One Response to “A Junior Developer’s Perception of Code Complete.”

  1. NEParis said

    Excellent post, Rob! I am sure we could add a bunch of other things to consider, but this list is a great place to start. I think this is a great start for a series of conversations in software shops. Thanks for starting these conversations.

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