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Are you a developer, or an architect?

Posted by robkraft on August 21, 2011

I don’t care about job titles, but I do believe that a difference exists between a developer and an architect.  One difference may be just a matter of the perspective used to solve a problem.  Senior developers and architects have domain knowledge about how easily certain features can be implemented, whether the feature is already built into the application, or how best to modify the app to implement the feature.  The architects will consider spend more up front time thinking of an implementation strategy that maintains good code; while developers focus more on writing code in the quickest way possible to get the job done without changing the architecture.  Ultimately, years of developer enhancements without looking at the code as an architect usually leads to spaghetti code.

For example, when looking at some code as a developer, you can see that you can fix the bug or add the new feature by adding another IF statement in the current IF block to handle a new condition, but when looking at the same code as an architect you can see that a block of logic should be extracted into a separate method possibly reducing the current number of branches within the current method.

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