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JustDecompile set to dethrone Reflector

Posted by robkraft on June 16, 2011

Telerik will be releasing the tool many of us have been waiting for, a replacement for Reflector.  Reflector was, and still is, a great and helpful tool for analyzing .Net code, but every since RedGate renigged on their promise to keep it free forever, we have been upset and worried about our options for the future.

JustCompile from Telerik is your new alternative to Reflector.  Telerik declares the tool will be free forever.

I tried it out and the basic features are very similar to Reflector, so it will succeed it doing what I almost always want from it.  I don’t see support yet for add-ins, but this is just a beta of a free product.  Who knows what else is to come.  I only mention the add-ins because I had one I liked for Reflector that gave a diagram of the Cyclomatic Complexity score of all my classes and methods, which I occasionally made use of.

One Response to “JustDecompile set to dethrone Reflector”

  1. Vladi said

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you for the support – we are glad you are enjoying JustDecompile. The support for add-ins is in our to-do list as it is very popular amongst JD users and we will definitely include it. As you may know, the tool has almost weekly builds as we are very keen to constantly improve it, and in line with community feedback, too. Our UserVoice website ( includes useful information about all the exciting new developments coming to JustDecompile. You can request features and vote for one suggested by your peers. Enjoy!

    Unit Manager for TelerikJust

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