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My Twitter account got hacked

Posted by robkraft on June 14, 2011

My recent blog post about passwords appears to have invited attempts to hack my account. Unfortunately for me they succeeded.  I recommended, and still recommend, re-using a simple easy to remember password across all those accounts that you don’t care about.  For me, that included my twitter account.  When I set up my twitter account years ago I used my simple password because I was just checking twitter out.

However, I started indirectly making use of that twitter account when I linked my blog posts to it, primarily just to test how well that link worked.  I still don’t follow or observe twitter much, but I checked it out yesterday and happened to notice that not all of the posts on my twitter account were made by me and were not coming from my blog.  Since my blog posts were still posting to my twitter account, and someone else was directly posting to my twitter account, I deduced that someone had guessed the twitter account password and was spamming on it.

So I changed my password on the twitter account and re-linked it to this WordPress blog, and hopefully the problem is resolved.  For my 14 twitter followers, I apologize for the spam.  This could have been a lot more damaging to me if I had been a congressman!

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