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Posted by robkraft on May 24, 2011

I just recently started making use of the online charting tool and I highly recommend it as your alternative to Visio.  I used IE9 and found the charting tools to work very much like a Windows desktop application.  It is very easy to click and drag, copy and paste, draw connector lines, change captions and do so many of the core tasks that you can do in Visio.  I believe this product is much better than the open source and free products such as OpenOffice Draw or Dia.  There appears to be no direct print option, but I am 100% happy without that feature because you can save to PDF and print from the nice-looking PDF document.  I am also impressed by the number of templates available at start and that I can use the product for free.  I can even share my diagram with 2 other people under the free model.  LucidChart offers several free priced plans and we are evaluating the tool now to determine a pricing plan to follow, but you can use the free version indefinitely if you would like.  Finally, you can import your existing Visio diagrams into LucidChart, though I did not try this.

If you want to make any diagrams and you don’t own Visio, or even if you do own Visio, you should spend a few minutes to check out

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