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How to edit your application icons for the application list and tile for Windows Phone 7

Posted by robkraft on April 26, 2011

I hoped to find a totally freeware version of an icon I could use for my Windows Phone 7
application somewhere on the Internet.  I am not a graphics guy and I don’t expect my application to make enough money to justify hiring an artist.  I did find a PNG file that was good enough, but it only came in one size (48X48), not the 62×62 and 173×173 dimensions I needed for the phone.  I decided to try to resize the PNG but it did not resize well by default.  I decided to try again using Paint.Net.  I chose the “Nearest Neighbor” resampling option in the Resize dialog and fortunately this gave me a nicer looking large PNG than the default resampling
options had.


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