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How to capture screen shots for Windows Phone 7

Posted by robkraft on April 24, 2011

To publish an application to the Windows Phone 7 store you must provide at least one screen capture of your application. I believe the best method to do this is to run your application in the emulator and use the “snipping tool” in Windows 7.

  • Set the zoom size of the emulator to 100%.
  • If the full screen does not fit on your monitor, rotate the emulator 90 degrees to take the screen shot.
  • If your application supports both portrait and landscape orientation, but you want a portrait image, change your code to only support portrait mode long enough to take a screen capture.
  • Use the “Window snip” from the snipping tool and save the image as PNG.
  • Use Paint.Net to rotate the image back to vertical if you had to rotate it for your screen capture.

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