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Are you a software development enthusiast?

Posted by robkraft on February 4, 2011

I’ve heard some developers argue that a “professional” is someone that is dedicated to their craft and thus works unpaid hours improving skills.  A lot of developers don’t like this definition of professional because they put in their 40 hours of weekly work but still believe they should be considered a professional.  This is why I use the term “Enthusiast”.  Surely, by definition, only Enthusiasts put in non-paid hours merely for the sake of learning new software related skills that may or may not be applicable to their current job.  I agree that a person can be a software professional, and yet not read any blogs or spend any time on a computer outside of the office; but I think only an Enthusiast spends their own personal time doing such things.

I consider myself to be a software development enthusiast. Do you?

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