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Using the same Strong Name Key (.snk) file for multiple projects.

Posted by robkraft on December 21, 2010

Yesterday I tried to re-use an existing Strong Name Key file (.snk) on other projects by navigating to it in the Signing tab of the project properties. When I did this, Visual Studio copied the .snk file to the local project folder and referenced it. This is not what I wanted.  I wanted all of my projects to reference the same .snk file from the same folder to make it easy to change it for all projects at once.

In order to use the same .snk file for many projects, first add the .snk as a relative Link file reference to each project. You do this by right clicking on the project, select Add Existing Item, navigate to the snk file, select the item and choose the “Add as Link” option from the Add dropdown on the right side of the Add button. Then go to the Signing tab in the project properties and select “Sign the assembly” and choose the .snk file (which you should not need to browse to).

Visual Studio 2010

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  1. Johan said

    Hi I’ve found what you where looking for here.

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