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Posted by robkraft on February 8, 2010

If you attempt to access a web site that exists on the web host, and that web site has the SecurityGuard firewall set to High (the default), you may get blocked and redirected this page
This does not occur for all users, but only for those that have a large UserAgent. The UserAgent is the information that your browser sends to every web site when connecting to let the web site use that data to potentially customize what is sent to you and to track data about who is connecting to the site.
If you want to see what is in your user agent, just go to
There are two ways I know of to get this to work. One is to have the owner of the web site change the SecurityGuard setting to Medium. I have done this on one of my sites I host on webhost4life. The security risk is really quite small for most sites. The other fix is to uninstall some software from your computer so that your useragent is smaller. Unfortunately there is really not much you can uninstall that affects your user agent.
You might also try a different browser. I noticed that I can access sights blocked by SecurityGuard using Firefox instead of IE because FireFox, in my case, sends a much smaller UserAgent.

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